What To Do If Your Dog Despises Their Pet Crate|Pet Dog Anxiety Cage Educating|DogWorx Savannah

Athena, like many canines with anxiety, battled with being crated: she would right away start to paw, bite and also bark uncontrollably, in a craze to run away. But as you can see on this before/ after video, after simply two weeks into training with us, we are seeing some nice improvements not just on the stress and anxiety, however likewise on her mindset about the crate!

We can’t “force” a pet to such as or do not like something – if you don’t like broccoli, overdoing a plateful of it in front of you and making you eat it will not make you dislike it. If anything it will certainly make you despise it much more! It coincides for pets. Among the things we need to do is aid a pet discover a various viewpoint on what that something is, to make sure that the anxiousness, hostility or lack of control they utilized to pity it does not impact them any longer.

In this video, I’ll share among the training keys I used to assist Athena conquer her stress and anxiety of the cage. And stay tuned for even more of Athena’s journey with us, as she overcomes her anxiousness as well as becomes a much more calm, well balanced pet dog