Trouble-Shooting Dog Crate Training with Tyler Muto

In this clip Tyler Muto, working out of his K9 Connection training center in Buffalo New york city, demonstrates an effective strategy for teaching a pet to cooperatively go into a crate. It’s worth keeping in mind that Kiko, the dog in the video, had a history of resisting the cage, to the point that he would become physical toward his owner when attempting to encourage him in. Throughout one event Kiko had even bitten his owner, breaking their hand, when trying to fill the cage.

The following highlights a step by step procedure fitness instructors and owners can use to present or reestablish the crate in a favorable method; developing a pattern of successful entries into a ‘less threatening’ dog crate ‘picture’. As the canine gets much better, Tyler will piece the cage back together, continuing to motivate the pet’s option to get in.


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