Shaping your pet dog to like his pet crate – Clicker Training Tutorial

The function of this video clip is for the average family pet dog proprietor that might need to make use of the dog crate for different reasons. This is not the very same exercise as “Dog crate Games” by Susan Garrett. The entire function of this video clip is to shape a pet to enter his crate, remain in his pet crate, and also learn to love his pet crate.

There are lots of points that I provided in the video that the cage can be utilized for, but I forgot to state in instance of an emergency. When Outlaw my Boundary Collie damaged his leg at 6 months old, he was frantic. Poor individual was in pain as well as terrified to death. My husband and I tried to select Bandit up and he would certainly not let us near him without attacking us. I can’t blame him, he was wounded. So, we went as well as got his cage and stated, “Bandit, go pet crate” and also he hopped on in. I closed it up as well as off to the veterinarian we went. Than god he loved his dog crate! For the next 8 weeks when Bandit was in a cast, he spent a whole lot of time in his crate. Once again, thank God he liked his cage. So, the cage can be a valuable point to have as a proprietor as well as a terrific bedroom for your dog.

Right here are a few things that I just might not fit right into the video.

If your pet has actually experienced all the actions of entering into the crate and now determines he will see if other behaviors will certainly earn support, do not reward. I directly would wait and also let the dog find out that the video game you are playing includes the dog crate. The canine can’t choose to change the game. However, if you believe that the canine has had enough, you can end the “game” of going in the pet crate as well as pause. Return later as well as try it once more.

If you believe that your canine does not recognize the game entails the dog crate, you can go back a few steps to where the canine was possibly looking at the dog crate or placing one paw in the dog crate. Establish your dog up for success by making it very easy for him so as to get his emphasis or confidence back.

If you assume that your pet comprehends the video game, then simply wait a little bit and also give your canine time to process the situation and also believe. The light bulb will eventually go off. Hang in there!

If you desire to use the pet crate to construct “drive” for dexterity or various other dog sports, I would very recommend “Crate Games” DVD by Susan Garrett.

To learn more right here is a web link to a well written write-up about canine crates.

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Have a wonderful day! Enjoy training your pet dog!
Pam, Isabelle, & Bandit.