Rat Chain Training – Nonnie’s First Day Out (pet rat video clips)

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If you wish to see a video clip where my completely trained rat strolls beside me like a pet dog, you have actually pertained to the wrong location!! This is Rattie Nonnie’s initial day on a chain exterior. She’s had a number of inside try-on sessions and also nothing even more. This is my pursuit to instruct her to obtain outside with me.

In this video clip, Nonnie, a women elegant rat, is 7 months-old and is pretty snuggly. She is energised as well as little.

I bought this rat harness on Etsy, nevertheless, the shop has actually since shut.

Nonnie went across the Rainbow Bridge on June 1,2017 She was two years and also 7 months old and also was a wonderful friend. Nonnie was a buddy who would ride in my hooded sweatshirt on brief trips, liked to fulfill brand-new individuals, and would sleep under the blankets at my feet when I took a snooze.

Nonnie dealt with chronic lung disease from mycoplasma, an usual microbial lung infection in animal rats, which can not be healed as well as is typically sent from mom rat to her babies. Nonnie’s sis had her very first breathing infection at two months old. Nonnie was fortunate and also did not come to be symptomatic until she was a years of age. Nonnie went to the veterinarian almost monthly after she was one year-old and as she aged, her visits ended up being extra frequent, up to 3 times per month in the end.

Please consider your budget for vet care if you are thinking about pet rats. Rats are cursed with many common illnesses and will require routine veterinarian care if you desire your close friend to remain with you for their full life span.