Puppy Training: Distractions, Off Chain, Dog Park

Dex, 6-month-old Goldendoodle Pup

Today, Dex checked out 2 parks in the higher Atlanta location for distraction training which included off leash work around people, pet dogs, and also objects such as bikes and also infant strollers. Loosened chain strolling consisted of a heel as well as sit workout with me consuming coffee. This workout is to demonstrate that Dex can be strolled using one hand, as well as his chain is completely slack around distractions forming the letter “J”. With heel and rest, a formal loosened chain walking command, Dex gets on my appropriate side despite my knee. He walks when my feet relocate and rests when my feet quit. The wonderful aspect of heel and rest is you can drink your coffee as well as enjoy the beginning of your day. Dex was also having a good time as you can see from his huge wagging tail.

Off Chain operate at the park included: recall, rest, wait, place, follow, and also break (launch command).

We later on relocated to a busy pet dog park to further progress his skills with heel and rest. There was a great deal of barking taking place within the pet park. Sit Up N Pay Attention Dog Training does not take any type of clients pet dogs/ puppy into the park when it is occupied. Security is our primary worry as well as unidentified pet dogs within the restricted of a pet dog park would place a consumers dog at threat for injury. Again, your pet’s safety and security is our primary problem during training.

Thank you for seeing with us today!
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