Puppy Goes to the Zoo – Andy Kissed a Zebra

Puppy Goes to the Zoo – Andy Kissed a Zebra

Pup goes to the zoo. Today we took our 5 months old Labrador Retriever young puppy to the zoo and also he loves it. Andy desired to have fun with every animal – camel, zebra, aligator, leopard, llama as well as others.
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You ought to take your puppy to public locations like zoo, public workplaces, buying centers, public transport etc as a lot as you can. The even more situations they will be familiar with as a young puppies, the better they can manage them as grownups. Socialization is the most important thing to do with pups. As well as taking your pet in the zoo is excellent and enjoyable experience for both – you and your canine.

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Other youtubers with pet dog in the zoo video clips: Drew Lynch, San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

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