Puppy Chain Training – Imprinting at 10wk for Off Leash Hikes

10 week old Lycan Shepherd( f2) Puukko showing here just how I begin to educate and also inscribe on pups with a really light Flexi Bring about stick with me and also comply with along on chain. This method is constructing a foundation so I can begin early off leash collaborate with them in a couple weeks.

” I’m simply some man on YouTube.” I am not a “professional” canine fitness instructor neither K9 nutritionist as well as I am not representing myself as one. I am right here simply showing what ‘I do’ and also what ‘benefit me’ as a very long time Pet Warden, breeder as well as pet dog rescuer as well as I describe while doing it why I do it by doing this.:–RRB-.

*** FYI … If you assume you know a better means to do this … terrific:–RRB-. I’m not thinking about finding out about in my remarks. Make your own video if you intend to teach the values of your methods. I’m honestly not interested in your adverse viewpoints on mine. Keep off your soup box … I’ll simply shadow-ban you:–RRB-.

* I have videos of me going via the entire process with Kurgan, Ulu and also as well as all my other pet dogs already on the network if you wish to see more on how I conditioned my pet dogs to pay attention and adhere to along on our off leash walks.

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*** New playlist ***.
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