Part 4 Train My French Bulldog Crate Training Method | Dog Training Tips

Flora the French Bulldog features in this dog training tutorial – How to teach your older dog or puppy to love going into and being inside their crate.
Crate training aids in preventing your puppy or adult dog from practising undesirable behaviours such as soiling around the house, chewing, jumping on guests etc. Not to mention it is an essential piece of equipment to aid in ensuring the safety of your puppy whilst you’re unable to supervise their movements about the house or yard, making it a great tool for toilet training your puppy.

In this short dog training tutorial, I share my crate training method which produces puppies and dogs that love being in their crate. If you apply this crate training method and supply ample mental stimulation by providing stuffed kong toys when you leave your dog in the crate, you should notice a reduction in your puppy crying when left alone.

Before long your dog will be flying in and out of their crate and this becomes a game which can be applied to their soft bed and any other place you want to be able to direct your dog to go to and are seeking a happy, brisk and reliable response.

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