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On episode 003 of The #AskTheTrainer Show, I talk about:

– How to work through potty training issues
– How to improve off leash recall
– What to do when your dog cries to get out of his crate
– How to stop accidents inside your house
– How to stop a dog from barking at houseguests


1: 34 – My boyfriend and I have a Yorkie puppy and we trained him so well from the start. However, we moved recently, and his training went out the window. His potty habits have gotten so bad. We moved from a one story to a 3rd story apartment and purchased the bells that hang by the door to associate pottying with going outside. He knows to ring them when we take him out, but he never does them on his own. He’s having accidents in the house and giving us no sign that he needed to go. Now I have kept a close eye on him and try taking him out every hour so that he has no accidents. If he does go in the house we tell him NO and take him straight outside. But I’m unsure if he still gets a treat after taking him outside. Or create a little time out area. Unsure what is the proper way to train and discipline him. Please help!
6: 42 – My dog’s recall is perfect at home and at the dog park, she comes even in the middle of play. The problem is in the backyard. It’s unfenced and too often, we’ll let her out to do her business and then she’ll get distracted by something/someone and run away. What would you recommend to fix this problem, other than keeping her on leash all the time?
13: 10 – How do you train a male dog to not pee/mark every two meters?
14: 49 – Our one year old Maltese won’t sleep more than 3 hours in his bed, he will bark and scratch until we bring him to bed with us. We have tried moving his bed to our room, leaving him in the living room everything. We tried crate training him but he will start crying until he took him out. Now it got worse and he starts barking until we take him out to sleep in our bed. What would you recommend?
17: 54 – My puppy is 9 months and is almost 95% potty trained but there are times she will go on my bed which I thought was weird since dogs usually don’t pee or poop where they sleep. What training methods can I do to stop this? It mostly happens when I’m gone. She is so loved so I don’t know if she’s mad at me? I’m so confused as to why she does it all the time!
19: 48 – How do you stop a dog from barking all the time when people come into the house? My dog always gets very productive when men come around/near me especially when we are at home. Any advice?

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