Off Chain dog Training – “Go Play” Game

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The “Go Play” Video game is a focus video game to assist you have control as well as emphasis from your canine when he is off leash. In this video I utilize the Premack Principle which in other words is allowing the canine do what they wish to do as soon as they have done what you desire them to do. In this situation, I desire Outlaw’s attention and when he offers it to me, he can “Go Play” or smell. I use this same principle with gopher holes (Isabelle can smell the gopher holes after she flatters me – come when called, a method, and so on.).

I started playing this game with my pet dog Bandit when he was young and we started with a 50 foot long line, after that when he was successful for a week of practicing the video game I would reduce the long line, up until ultimately he is off chain. We had obstacles sometimes as well as had to go back to the previous length lengthy line, but eventually he was off chain and also trusted. Still, if I am in an unsafe or brand-new atmosphere that I am not certain of what we will encounter or just how he will act, I will place a short line on him. I prefer to be RISK-FREE than SORRY. This is a positive way to train your canine to be off leash as well as does not include punishment! It allows the canine make the best choice and also that option is to pay focus to you.
Bear in mind to utilize high worth incentives as the scents and disturbances may be a lot more exciting that you or the deals with. So draw out the finest stuff when training and playing this video game!

Quickly your dog will be like Bandit where I can rarely get him to go play. He simply desires to work. Clicker training is just remarkable! The most effective part regarding clicker training is the remarkable relationship that I have with my dogs! They love to work, they like me, and they more than happy.

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Pam, Isabelle, Bandit & Sabrina the cat.