Natural, organic Dog treats … that you can eat?!

On today’s episode of The Health Connection Michelle and Dr. Mark LeMay, DC, ACN speak about all-natural, natural canine treats they provide their canine, Teeka, who is a 12 years of age Belgian Malious Shepherd – they’re in fact poultry paws (feet)!

But prior to you dismiss it as horrible as well as gross, think of what dogs as well as pet cats utilized to consume 60 years ago … various other animals. That wasn’t gross … it was how they were created to live. Regretfully, when processed food became convenient for humans to eat, that comfort was likewise produced for our animals.

According to the documentary Family pet Fooled, 1 in 2 dogs pass away of cancer. While that may or might not be precise, our animals are means sicker and also have much more health troubles that they should. They are a real mirror to our wellness and also the Common American Diet Regimen – which is S.A.D. (word play here planned).

At LeMay Chiropractic Care & Wellness, our team believe ANY diet plan you comply with is much better than the S.A.D. plan. Vegan? Paleo? Keto? We suggest you discover a good specialist to discover what works best for you.

Thinking about switching your animal to an all raw food diet regimen? Do your research study. Find a holistic vet to aid you with this. It’s most definitely not something you do chilly turkey (ugh, sorry for one more pun!).

Below’s our video on what we started feeding Teeka: vM There are extra sources in the summary of that video clip, ie. Dr. Karen Becker, DVM.

Below’s a short, fun video clip of Teeka screening various vitamins … which one do you believe she opts for?

Keep in mind, hen feet – or pork or beef feet and also bones – aren’t just deals with for pet dogs … using them in making soups and also bone brews are excellent for human beings’ hair, skin, nails, teeth, bones as well as more.

What healthy deals with do you offer your animals? Leave us a remark listed below.

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