Middle TN Dog Trainers – 5 Month Old Rottweiler Transforms Into A Well Mannered Superstar!

Paulie, a 5 month old Rottweiler, is a recent graduate from our STAR puppy classes. Paulie rocked her classes, but Mom wanted Paulie to be even better. Unfortunately, a few days before Paulie was going to start her training, her Mom fell and broke her knee. Mom is wheelchair bound for several weeks, so now it is even more imperative that Paulie’s obedience is on point. Paulie still had a tendency to have selective hearing, lacked impulse control, she thought everyone was there to see her and pulling on the leash.

After 2 short weeks, Paulie transformed into an off leash superstar. Paulie gained a ton of confidence and her impulse control was spot on. She learned that out in public not everyone was there to see her. She Heels nicely by your side on leash or off, even with any kinds of distractions. When Mom is all heeled from her injury she will be able to take Paulie anywhere without having to worry. Now they both can enjoy their new off leash life together!!!

We were very sad to see Paulie go, but so very proud of all of her accomplishments!!

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