Master ‘Heel’ Walk like a Pro. Off Leash Dog Training

Train your dog to walk right next to you in heel position with a few simple steps. Master dog training with basic Training Tutorials that WORKS!

Call your dog back anytime anywhere:

Basic Training Sit, Down, Stay:

No Leash Pulling. Realistic Training and expectations:

Training your dog to heel perfectly makes your walk in the park a breeze.
Here are some ways you can teach your dog how to heel walk.

1. Pick a word like “heel”. Repeat the word many times so your dog will soon understand what the word mean

2. Hold a piece of treat in front of your dog’s nose next to your leg to keep the dog walk in the desired position. Repeat this exercise in short lessons but many times a day.

3. Teach your dog to place its front paws on a designated area/surface and use treats to lure it turn its head to lean how to turn its body without changing the position of its front paws

4. Teach your dog walking backwards to postition:

5. Socialize in many different environments with distractions so it can heel without getting distracted

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