Leash Training a Dog – Why You Should Stay on One Side

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The “Loose Leash Walking 101” blog post that introduces the basics of walking (including a free PDF download)

“Walking a Dog? 5 Ways to Keep Safe with Situational Awareness” video

How to Use Enforceable Statements video

RokStrap Leashes – one of my favorite leashes; I own three of these. Strong, stretchy, and versatile. Awesome.

The EzyDog Vario 6, my next favorite leash. Unbelievably versatile and useful

Avoid back-hook harnesses (they just make it easier to pull). Instead, use a front-hook harness. I recommend the Softtouch Sense-Ation

The PetSafe Easy Walk is also a good harness to move around on

Take a look at our Harness video for a quick rundown of harnesses and how to choose


Simpawtico Dog Training on the web and social media

About this video:
In this video Ian Stone from Simpawtico Dog Training shows you why it’s important to choose a consistent side while you’re walking your dog. If you’re just learning how to train your dog to walk on a leash, or you’re an experienced dog walker already, choosing a side to walk consistently makes everything easier. Even heeling becomes a snap once your dog catches on. Here we’ll give you some tips to keep it consistent and fun!

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