Just how to Crate train a dog that will not go into pet crate

Does your canine refuse to go into the pet crate? This lesson reveals you just how to train your canine to enter into the dog crate on command if your pet dog will not enter into the cage.
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A lot of dogs like the canine in the video that act in this fashion believe that as soon as they go right into the pet crate, the door will certainly close behind them and the owner will leave your home. This is an unfavorable experience for your canine. It is your job to alter your pet dog’s assumption.
To get going, you will certainly need a chain as well as a really amazing treat for your pet dog. Think cheese, soft stinky canine deals with, or deli meat.
With the chain affixed to your canine, toss the high worth reward inside the cage. Let your pet encounter the pet crate to eat the food. If your pet will certainly still not go right into the crate, you either require to up the worth of the treat or use physical guidance. When the canine enters into the pet crate to consume the food, you can allow them appear of the pet crate.
Currently repeat this workout ten times. As soon as do with the video game, finish the training session with the pet not being constrained inside the dog crate. Practice the game as typically as feasible.

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