How To Train Your Puppy To Walk On a Leash – Quick and Simple! – How to train a puppy to walk on a leash
‘Hi guys, Mike here. Chances are you landed on this video because you are searching for “my dog is aggressive towards other dogs”

In this video I am going to teach you how to stop your dog being aggressive towards other dogs and hopefully not only stop the aggression but to give you the confidence to socialise your dog so that they can have loads of little doggy friends without causing you any anxiety about your dogs aggression.

But who am I to teach you anything? Well not only have I successfully raised a dog of my own but I am also a recent graduate in zoology where I have studied all about animal psychology and welfare. So today with the help of doggy Dan we are going to distill what science has taught us regarding how to stop a dog from being aggressive into a step by step process that you can implement today.

Isn’t doggy dan great?! I honestly believe that he will revolutionise the entire dog training industry with his simple but powerful techniques.

I hope you found this helpful and can implement what we have taught you today.

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