How To Teach Your Dog To Not Pull On The Leash, EVER! – Professional Dog Training Tips

In this episode of the Train Station, we’re going to show you how to teach your dog to not pull on the leash. I’m not talking about walking at your side, I’m talking about teaching your dog that it’s their responsibility to not pull on the leash! This skill is something we teach called “Leash Respect”. And we will show you how a few progressions with your puppy or your dog in training will give you a little more freedom when you’re just hanging out with your dog on a leash. Simple things, like when you’re carrying something and your dog is with you. When you’re standing and chatting with someone, the last thing you want if for your dog to be dragging you around. Teaching your dog to not pull on their leash is the perfect skill to avoid these frustrating scenarios! Join professional dog trainers, Ken Steepe and Kayl McCann in their weekly live dog training show called The Train Station. The show starts at 7: 30 PM, EST on Thursdays. Jump in the live chat and ask them your dog training questions. See you on Thursday!

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