How to Teach a Puppy to Walk on A Leash | Dog Training Tips and Tricks

This video is a tutorial on the basics of the best way to teach a puppy how to walk on a leash. Using a slip collar or slip lead, you can easily communicate to your puppy what you want. Using the leash and collar as a communication tool. So the leash becomes a language of “Pressure” and “release”. This method works on puppies from 5 weeks old and beyond. When you get a puppy they should be at least 6 weeks old. Preferably 8 weeks old. But as long as your puppy is at least 5 weeks old, this simple and effective technique will work. Remember to be gentle and patient. The key to this is patience and consistency. Never stop your forward movement because your puppy is plopping like a potato or yelping. It will sound and look really bad in the beginning but if you can push through that first few minutes, you will quickly have a puppy who can not only walk on a leash but also learn anything else to do with the leash!

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