Help stop puppy cry or bark in crate at night. Puppy crate training.

You have just got a new puppy home and you have decided to crate train the puppy so your puppy will sleep in the crate at night.

Congratulations! What a great idea. This way you do not have to wake up every morning and having to deal with disasters like poo or pee everywhere or damaged things been chewed up.

Crate training can really help you potty train the puppy too. Most puppies do not want to toilet in their own den (crate). So you can relax when you sleep and potty train the puppy during the day.

You may be dealing with a whining and crying puppy in the evenings. This video shows you how to stop your puppy crying and whining at night. Every puppy is different, some may take longer to train some are easy. Do remember especially adult dogs needs their exercise during the day, or they will have too much energy to release in the crate.

Here is how we work with our puppy to crate train at night when it is crying. This method can work during the day, not just at night.

The puppy is lured in with treats in the beginning. Bully is a strong welled breed they are not pushovers, which tend to push her way out when she wants to come out regardless of what you say for she doesn’t know any human words nor understand your tone. I mean to close the door in her face to stop her rushing out. but sometime she can be too quick for me, if she does rush out then I put her in. I don’t recommend you lure her in again with food for that she will think pushing her way out means she gets food again and again if she does. Communication is applied is when the gate is shutting indicating to her the boundary is there, do not cross. The reward is also there when she is inside the crate not attempting go rush out as I sit next to her keeping her company silently. She went down to relaxed position indicating she is calm and relaxed as the result of the reword of the reinforcement.

Some people do not see crate can be pleasant place for dogs. It can be cruel if the dogs are keep in for a long time or was never trained properly from the start creating stress. With the right introduction and training, the crate is a very pleasant place for your dogs to walk into and enjoy their resting time. See this video for results: