Help puppy stop sobbing during the night in cage – Day 1 (Opening Night)

Crate training young puppy to sleep in the crate instead of crying, barking and whimpering non-stop in the dog cage in the evening.

In this series of videos I share my journey training my brand-new 10 weeks old walking stick corso pup from the extremely opening night (Day 1) to day 15 when he was completely crate trained to sleep at night time.

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Puppy whimpering in the crate can be very difficult to bare and it can also make new owner’s life unpleasant. I hope this series of video can provide audiences confidence in training their young puppy positively without using force however with attention and companionship in getting the brand-new puppy use to its new safe bed in the crate.

Lots of years ago I have had canines when I was more youthful without using a cage. Now having large, active, effective and can be dominant types living inside the house with senior, young child, kids and my work I have actually chosen to utilize cage and t is one of the finest tools to keep the pup, family members and home properties safe. Pets do need a lot of friendship and play time, these will assist with cage training in the nights too.

Hyperlinks to the full series:.
The first evening:
The second night:
The 3rd night:
The fourth night:
The fifth night:
The 15 th night:

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