Hedgehog Chain Trained

My hedgehog Petunia choosing a stroll around town.

Please note that this was recorded at night on a cozy day (70 levels).
She is not attempting to walk in the shade, She, similar to any kind of hog likes to adhere to “bushes.” The trick is having the hedgehog refrain from doing a 180 every 6 feet. They love pacing!

When Petunia wishes to go home or inside she walks to the front door. She is the one that picked to go with a walk.

I will attempt to make a tutorial with my brand-new hedgehog Mr.Prickles for this summer season.

The leash is a Four Paws Iguana Safety Belt. The 4 Paws Ferret Safety Leash need to be the very same. The proper leash must be no thicker than thread.

This chain does not injure a hedgies quills. This chain is more affordable at a pet shop than online. They vary from $3-6 at an animal store. Online with shipping included they are typically 12 or even more dollars per chain.

Thank you all a lot for your support!!! I can not believe there are over 400,000 sights.

If you want to see more hedgehog video clips have a look at my page. Here is a video of my two hedgehogs Violet and Petunia playing.:-RRB- https://youtu.be/nfKuM-w7y04