Healthy Max Dog Treats Skin and Coat with Omegas and Zinc

Healthy Max nutritionally enhanced treats for dogs skin and coat dog treats omega 3 omega 6 fatty acids zinc salmon dog treats dollar tree store dog treats small soft Alaska Granny maltese rescue dog Alaska Sammy are you looking for a healthy treat for your dog dog treat vitamin check out Healthy Max nutritionally enhanced treats for dogs Healthy Max dog treats are by Supreme Quality pet foods and they're made in the USA the Healthy Max dog treats are skin and coat treats Healthy Max dog treats have omega 3 and 6 fatty acids they're loaded with zinc for healthy skin and coat Healthy Max treats for dogs are made with real salmon dogs in Alaska eat a lot of salmon and they really love it look on the back of the package and you can see the nutritional analysis and the ingredients check the bottom of the package for the best if used by date the package is a nice mylar type container and you zip open the top and you can see it has a zip lock seal on the inner pouch so that your treats stay fresh the package is very well made to keep the treats fresh and you can see there are lots of treats in here they're pretty small so one treat per day your dog might feel like he's getting a little left out Healthy Max dog treats are about the size of a nickel and aren't they cute they're shaped like little hearts let's see how AlaskaSammy likes them Sammy you want to try a Healthy Max treat for dogs it's good for you it's made with real salmon mm-hmm he likes it unfortunately they're pretty small and he can only have one per day so he's looking at me like where are the rest of my treats today mom mm-hmm look for the Healthy Max nutritionally enhanced treats for dogs if you want your dog to have better looking skin and coat and like the idea of giving him the omega fatty acids Healthy Max dog treats might be just the treat for your dog please subscribe to the AlaskaSammy channel

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