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What Would Jeff Do? #297 Original Air Date: 10/21/2015
What Would Certainly Jeff Do Weekly Webinars on Mondays & Wednesdays. Hosted by Jeff Gellman. Survive on WebinarJam, Periscope, and Meerkat. How To Pet dog Training, Do it Yourself Dog Training. Great deals of wonderful info on the fly. Help genuine inquiries to pet dog owners as well as trainers.
3: 02 My dog requires training.
3: 54 Has Jeff trained solution canines?
4: 28 Do you say “Sit, Stay, Break”?
5: 00 Cage Training.
6: 18 Excited youngster around canine.
6: 58 Rescue dog will not leave the sofa.
7: 26 Describe concerning collaborating with a 14 week old puppy.
8: 40 Puppy nipping.
9: 27 Is it as well late to remedy for a pet dog that screwed up the garbage.
10: 20 Timid canine attacking the crate.
11: 30 E collar fishing.
12: 15 Exterior dog maintains tearing the towel off your home.
12: 28 At what level to do an adjustment.
12: 50 A lot more on E collar angling for a barking dog.
14: 26 One pup ending up being control over the various other.
14: 45 Pet on pet dog hostility.
15: 28 How do Skype sessions with Jeff job?
15: 40 A lot more on dealing with an outside dog as well as dog house damage.
16: 36 4 yr old pug not potty educated.
17: 05 When to take a pet off remote collar.
19: 03 Are remote collars water-proof?
20: 04 Pet hesitates of the remote collar.
20: 50 2 year old GSD acts aggressive when I approach to the kennel.
22: 04 Will Jeff remain in Atlanta?
26: 20 is 35 an OK remote collar setting.
27: 21 Will Certainly Jeff do a Crittering Skype.
28: 24 Proclaim to Linda!
28: 39 Do Comfort pads decrease level of sensitivity.
28: 48 Operating level for 80 lbs GSD.
29: 17 How do I get my Golden to quit begging for food.
30: 12 E collars for small pets?
31: 10 9 month old Doberman- How much time is too long for in the kennel.
31: 48 Resource protecting.
31: 52 Pet dog gets excited when the kids harsh house around.
32: 40 Halter collar OKAY for CGC Test?
33: 10 Does Jeff have experience with Wolf hybrids?
33: 39 What type of collar is enabled the CGC examination?
36: 57 Laboratory hesitates of kids.
38: 28 Does Jeff approve Paypal?
39: 07 Need to you allow complete strangers & kids to satisfy your pup.
40: 04 Does Jeff make use of spray containers.
40: 26 Socializing a 10 week old dog.
41: 07 Does Jeff do seminars on Army bases?
43: 15 Will certainly two older pets quadrate a puppy.
43: 40 GSD hesitates of actions.
44: 29 Just how can you educate both the feline and the pet?
45: 48 Educating a dog to ride in a kayak.
46: 18 Motor Home Pet Dog Trainer Drop In Los Angeles?
46: 33 Pet whining.
47: 50 Canine having fun with skateboard.
48: 01 Off chain troubles.
48: 12 Growling.
49: 00 Correcting the cat.
49: 50 Dealing With a Mastiff for playing with the feline.
53: 00 Canine splitting up anxiousness.
53: 26 Walking my pet dog with a dog behind a fencing lunging & barking.
54: 17 Taking care of aggressive or loosened dogs on a walk.
55: 30 What is most safe for me & my pet?
59: 10 Using pepper spray to protect your canine.

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