Dog training Heeling on a leash with no food

Dog training A dog is heeling for food

No food – no heeling What is the solution? The dog is heeling if there is food With no treat, she goes to the left, to the right, or backwards That's it! To make her heel without using the treat, you have to add spurts This is one of approaches

So, if you use only spurts of the leash, she doesn't understand what to do That is why you need to use both the food and the spurts In your case you're just feeding the pet, she's heeling, there is no reason to spurt the leash Then you stop giving the treat, spurt the leash, the dog refuses to obey, gets scared of the spurts and gets confused This is why you have to get her accustomed to the spurts

To do that, it is necessary to use them along with the food But there must be a reason for them She is heeling with the food, right? So, you need to change your pace: go fast and slow Do not run, just change the pace Then the dog will make mistakes

When she does, you will spurt the leash and get the pet accostumed to the spurts When the dog improves, you will feed her and make amends for spurting the leash You train the dog to heel using only the spurts Then she will be able to heel on the leash with no food at all It is another story how to make her heel unleashed

For now, we have to make the dog heel on the leash with no food Come on, fast and slow Go back Why aren't you using the spurts? She's heeling – Yes she is, just keep changing the pace

Set a really difficult task for her, difficult enough not to carry it out, to make mistakes So that you could spurt the leash and reward her if she improves That's right! Go back Praise her when she reacts to the spurt Just don't pull her

A Ridgeback gets confused when being pulled Good! More praise All the threats should be followed by reward Go back Okay, stop

Heel! Now, let's get back to your question: what to do with the poor dog that is always stressed? If you liked the video, subscribe to our channel and click 'Like' Thank you!

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