Do Not Buy Chicken Jerky Deals With for Your Dog

Today’s Newsbreak focuses on a kind of chicken jerky treats that is poisoning pets across America.

The Food and Drug Administration has cautioned that these chicken tenders, strips or deals with are imported from China, and they include an unidentified poison that has actually made countless family pet dogs sick and has actually even killed 500 dogs from kidney failure.

Just recently a class action lawsuit was enabled to proceed in federal court in Los Angeles versus a California company that sells Kingdom Pets chicken jerky canine treats The lawsuit charges that the business knew the deals with were toxic but concealed the health concerns to pet owners.

The case began when Jennifer Holt of Austin, Texas, bought a bag of Kingdom Pets chicken jerky pet deals with at regional Costco. She gave the treats to her pet dog Tucker, a healthy 9-year old combined type pet dog, one to 3 times a week. Her dog became sick and died from intense kidney failure, according to 2 vets, who blamed the chicken treats.

Meanwhile Kingdom Pets was promoting the canine deals with as being wholesome and nutritious– with a 100% safety record. However instead, the dog treats with meat from China were really unsafe, malfunctioning and dangerous, according to the lawsuit.

The suit says the company learnt about the consumer problems and the FDA caution– but kept on promoting the treats to increase sales.
If your dog has consumed chicken jerky deals with, you ought to watch out for these signs of poisoning: Decreased hunger and activity, tossing up, diarrhea and increasing drinking of water. Call your vet if the signs last more than 24 hours. And call your lawyer if you believe your family pet has been hurt by chicken jerky deals with that were made in China.