DIY Coconut Grain Free Dog Treats! Homemade Healthy Grain Free Dog Biscuit Recipe PLUS Competition!

okay so today we're going to be making some really really yummy coconut treats for your dog, they're really easy to make and they're really healthy as well coconut has got a lot of benefits for your dog's health just a few of them are including fighting bad bacteria protecting against infections, they also fight bad dog breath so this is always a great idea so everything you need for this recipe is three cups of brown rice flour, one cup of coconut flour, two eggs, one cup of coconut water, two tablespoons of coconut oil, two tablespoons of honey and you're also going to need a large mixing bowl you're going to need two baking trays, I've covered these with parchment paper but you can also just grease them like you would with a cake and you need the smallest cookie cutter that you can find so that you can make the most treats that you can okay so the first step that you need to make is to mix in your brown rice flour and your coconut flour now just use a whisk for this and just make sure that they're nicely mixed up then you're going to add your eggs your honey your coconut oil and lastly your coconut water and then we just need to mix it until it's all nicely combined once it is nicely combined like that you just need to knead it for a few minutes until it's in a nice round ball and it's all sticking together nicely it should be quite a moist dough the best thing about making your own dog biscuits is that you can enjoy the treats as well all the ingredients in this are perfectly fine for humans and they make a really tasty little coconut biscuit so feel free to try them yourself as well so you should have a lovely dough ball all nicely sticking together looking like this now you just need to roll it out to about a quarter of an inch in thickness and at this stage all you need to do is cut out as many biscuits as you can get out of your dough and simply place them on your parchment paper now make sure you don't waste any of the dough, once it's got to this stage you just need to re-roll it out again and then cut more cookies out of it, waste not want not okay so once you've preheated your oven to 190 degrees Celsius you just need to pop them in there for 20 minutes Albie what you think about coconut does it smell good Albert is now waiting patiently for his coconut treats once your cookies have been baking for 20 minutes just take them out and leave them to cool down for at least an hour before you feed them to your dog and they should be nice and golden-brown like that now we've actually made 150 of these special dog treats and we're going to be giving them out at a special event being held in Manchester on Sunday and it's Pugfest so if any of you are coming along then please do make sure that you come and visit our stand and say hello and grab your free dog treat if you're one of the first 150 to visit our stall so really looking forward to it and we hope to see a couple of you there now you may remember from last week's video that we have a special competition on to win an exclusive relax my dog t-shirt, we're very pleased to announce that Iva has won the competition so we're going to get a t-shirt on the way to you, we loved your comment about spending a day in dog mode and using only barks, grunts and body language to communicate with your dog for a day, I'm definitely going to try this with Albert I think it'll be a really interesting experiment with him he's just enjoying his treats now now we've got another competition on this week again to win another exclusive relax my dog t-shirt, now to enter all you need to do is to comment your favorite doggie tip or doggy life hack in the comment section below and you'll be in with a chance just like Iva of winning a relax my dog t-shirt now if you did enjoyed today's video then please do send through your pictures of your dogs enjoying their treats and if you did enjoy it then make sure that you hit that subscribe button and you give us a big thumbs up that's it from us to now so we'll see you again next week bye! say bye Albie

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