Dingo Puppies

Welcome to the pack! We have actually just welcomed two brand-new dingo puppies to the Lone Pine family – one kid as well as one girl.

Born in August 2019, these dogs still have a great deal of expanding and discovering to do, as they settle into life at the refuge. The pups were reproduced at the Dingo Exploration Sanctuary and Research study Centre situated in Victoria, Australia.

Because getting here, our young puppies have started basic obedience training, cage training, and also socialisation with Tanami, our adult dingo. You might see some of their training on the web cam with our animal keepers. It is extremely crucial that our dingoes establish these abilities, so that we can safely bring out different procedures such as medical examination, inoculations, nail clipping as well as vet procedures.

You may also notice our keepers presenting our pups to various item such as rakes and wheelbarrows, which are used daily to clean their exhibit.

They will likewise shortly begin discovering to walk on a lead, so they can at some point appear to meet our guests, as well as appreciate strolls throughout the sanctuary for enrichment and also workout.