Crate Training A Shih Tzu Puppy (8 weeks old or older) Fast

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How to crate train 8 week Shih Tzu puppy fast!

Are you looking to crate train 8 week Shih Tzu Puppy? Whether it’s a Shih Tzu, English Bulldog, Jack Russell, Boxer, Doberman or any other breed, you can quickly and easily crate train your puppy in 5 Easy Steps.

Watch this video and discover the secrets to crate training your puppy quickly and without stress on you or your puppy. When you know how to do it crate training can be easy.

One of the keys to crate training 8 week Shih Tzu puppy is getting your puppy comfortable with the crate before you begin training. This is actually an easy process. All you need to do is put the crate in a room where you spend a lot of time with your puppy. Leave the crate door open and put little surprises in it like a treat or favorite toy. Put them just inside the door so your puppy can just pop their head in and get it.

Your puppy may just naturally go into the crate on its own and be comfortable in it. If that’s the case, perfect you’re well on your way to successfully crate training. If not, no worries, follow the 5 Easy Steps To Crate Train 8 Week Shih Tzu Puppy in this video and your puppy will soon be going into the crate with ease and on command.

Whether you trying to crate train a 6 week or 6 months old (or older) puppy this training will work for you.

But don’t stop at crate training. A well-trained dog/puppy is happier and more secure. Puppies want to please you and when they are well trained they know exactly how to do that. Make your puppy’s life happier and more fulfilled by investing in a quality training program. They don’t cost a lot and you can spend just 5 – 15 minutes a day and get some great results fast – if you’re using a quality training program.

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Crate training a Shih Tzu puppy can be challenging. Post your comments below about your experience in crate training 8 week Shih Tzu puppy.

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