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Cage Games Online or DVD demonstrates how to produce a well behaved family pet and/or a great performance pet dog all with using only a pet crate. No dog training library is total without this training!

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Susan Garrett’s interest in animal behaviour began at the University of Guelph where she earned a B.Sc. in Animal Science. Since then she has developed into a pre-eminent canine sports instructor and rival. Susan is among the most regularly effective pet dog dexterity competitors of the last 20 years. This success turned Susan into among the most popular presenters in training circles world large.

A natural instructor and an entertaining speaker today, Susan is recognized as a leading educator of canine trainers. Her understanding of how to use science-based learning principles to both competitive and household pet canine training has been pivotal in altering the method dogs are currently trained.

Susan’s philosophy is basic, video game based/choice based dog training creates an environment where “work” turns into “play” for both you and your dog.

Susan’s online canine training classrooms and memberships have now assisted thousands of dog fans reach their goals while having the very best relationship possible with their canines.

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