Cage Training My Shih Tzu Puppy

I am not an expert I am just sharing my story. For skilled training pointers take a look at this person Moxy likes her crate currently. At initial she wasn’t certain yet I made it comfy as well as she has whatever she requires to really feel at residence so now she oversleeps it in the evening. She does awaken and also wish to venture out to potty. She lets us understand she needs to go by crying and also kind of barking due to the fact that she doesn’t intend to poop in her cage. After that we take her out and put her in her playpen which has a peepee pad in it because we don’t have a back backyard. Throughout the day we take her for strolls in the park obviously however in the center of the night in Manhattan taking her out is not really the best thing for her. If she goes poo on the pee pad we say “Excellent Lady’ and after that we cleanse it up right away as well as give her a reward.