Boundary Collie Puppy – Pet Crate Training

This is day 2 of our Border Collie puppy investing time in his brand-new grown-up size crate, 42 inch diagonal width.

He required to the cage actually well, just a couple of whimpers when the door shuts since he intends to maintain playing. I put his bed and playthings inside 2 days back and also he walks in as well as out without any kind of concern or concern.

I currently need to work on obtaining him to “go to bed” on command, the following obstacle. Positive support functioning really well. At 8.5 weeks old he is now “virtually” home educated as well as “completely dry” every morning after around 7 hours without being allowed out.

Naturally if he does damp the flooring overnight, I simply say absolutely nothing, take him outdoors and when he mosts likely to the toilet make a huge hassle.

It’s taken about 2 days for him to learn that mosting likely to the bathroom outside ways great deals of praise and also inside ways absolutely nothing (not excellent or negative) so as he likes the appreciation, exterior is where he goes.