Border Collie Pup Dog Crate Educating

A video of Dave my 21 weeks old Boundary Collie pup going in and out of his adult sized pet dog crate.

It has taken patience as well as a whole lot of appreciation to obtain Dave to enter his pet crate on command.

He has been sleeping in his crate since he was 10 weeks old. Several puppies as well as canines like their cages and see them as their secure location.

Dave tends to only go in his dog crate to sleep in the evening however if I do have to leave him on his own in a new atmosphere (such as a kitchen at a friends house) I recognize that he will happily enter into his cage and settle rapidly.

I’ve constantly educated Dave with only appreciation and benefit. He sees me as pack leader but also, very significantly as a person he delights in being with.

Dave as well as I have a good time and fun breeds a terrific well acted canine friend.

Additionally see my video of Dave at 8.5 weeks old exploring his pet crate, all component of obtaining him used to the suggestion of entering into his very own area: