All about Pea Flakes – Healthy treats for guinea pigs & other small animals

Pea Flakes are a complementary feed that is 100% organic and makes the perfect healthy treat for guinea pigs and other small animals. They have health promoting benefits for your piggy & are a great tool for taming & bonding with your guinea pig.

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Welcome to, or back to, ‘Popcorning Piggy’ – Four male guinea pigs from the UK living with Pigmum, Sam. There is Rolo (brown & white), Digger (black), Finn (black Abyssinian) & Meeko (grey & white long-haired). This channel is to share our adventures, funny and cute moments and behind the scenes of our guinea pig gift shop. We’ll also be sharing general guinea pig care information to help new owners. Thanks for watching!

We upload every Tuesday at 8pm UK time.


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